Harrier Electrochromic Brightness-Changing Sunglasses next generation photochromic  5G autonomous

$248 off only on Kickstarter Now

$248 off only on Kickstarter Now

$248 off only on Kickstarter Now $248 off only on Kickstarter Now $248 off only on Kickstarter Now

Since the tech is in progress,the autonomous cars has emerged. Then how about the autonomous sunglasses?

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Harrier Electrochromic Brightness-Changing Sunglasses adjust to your surroundings

  The Harrier Electrochromic Brightness-Changing Sunglasses are useful in all types of outdoor situations. Because they automatically adjust depending on your environment, you can wear them in very sunny or shadier spots. These are autonomous sunglasses that respond to the sun in just a tenth of a second. Depending on the light you encounter, their lenses will turn darker or lighter to respond to it. And, though these sunglasses can handle a lot on their own, you’re still able to touch control them. By doing this, you can quickly switch between modes for driving and playing outdoor sports. Additionally, these responsive sunglasses can help improve your visibility in foggy circumstances. So with these autonomous sunglasses, you’ll be able to drive safer. 

Automatically Adjust Depending On Your Environment

Built-in touch control offers rapid switch between INDOOR DRIVING MODE,OUTDOOR SPORT MODE and USER CONTROL MODE.   Advanced hall switch safely control battery system. Super performance, high density lithium battery offers quick recharge and long standby time, it can be used for 60 hours when charged for 1.5 hours.  

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It's designed and made of light-weighted, shatterproof material and integrated in stylish, comfort frames. Activated by photo-sensor interfaced to sophisticated micro-controller, it can automatically adjust to the brightness of the ambient light with continuously varying shades of darkness. built-in touch control offers rapid switch between in-car mode and outdoor sports mode. 


Harrier smart microelectronic sunglasses disrupt tradition and lead industry innovation. Advanced user-friendly design adapted in the smart electronic control system that can automatically adjust the brightness and always offer you a clear vision in different environments.



INFINITI Electrochromic Sunglasses x1

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Unique INFINITI Electrochromic Sunglasses, Estimated 3/1/2020 shipment


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HARRIER Electrochromic Sunglasses x1

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Driving, Jogging, Hikin, Riding, Fishing, Biking, Golf, the elderly who has photophobia after


100% UVR、UV420、 US-ANSI Z87.1 、 EU-38.6、MSDS  


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