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Harrier sunglasses - Auto Switch Mode for 4 levels

 Dedicated to innovative invention, Harrier has launched its own LCD polarized lenses sunglasses. Harrier uses latest compound lenses technology, the front and the rear are polarized lenses, 100% UVR protection, the middle is advanced flexible LCD lenses

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It's designed and made of light-weighted, shatterproof material and integrated in stylish, comfort frames. Activated by photo-sensor interfaced to sophisticated micro-controller, it can automatically adjust to the brightness of the ambient light with continuously varying shades of darkness. built-in touch control offers rapid switch between in-car mode and outdoor sports mode. 


Harrier smart microelectronic sunglasses disrupt tradition and lead industry innovation. Advanced user-friendly design adapted in the smart electronic control system that can automatically adjust the brightness and always offer you a clear vision in different environments.


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